Cyber angel web 3

Recycled Wire sculpture "Cyber Angel"


Cyber angel web 3



Here is "Cyber Angel", born from the assembly of wires, cables, springs and various small metal parts.

Length: 16 cm

Width: 38 cm

Height: 18 cm


It was necessary to silence the earth.

Smother the desire for elevation with dust and metal.

It was necessary to hide, forget and die a little bit. To forget ourselves especially and with the end of the lips, to smile with the unnameable. It was necessary to unravel and under the weight of the air to kiss the stone in a ferric "I love you".

An angel has died.

Esprit des forets 4 web

Upcycling sculpture from scrap material "Forest Spirit"

Esprit des forets web

Sculpture of recycled materials, assembly of garden wires, electrical wires, electrical turntables, USB key and printers.

Length: 40 cm

Width: 22 cm

Height: 35 cm

The leaves blew me; The spirit of the forests staggers. He embraces the lost as on roots his fears. Those who have no age because too often buried. The caress of the moss burned my veins, these tentacles of flaming lichen.

It is the morning of an incandescent green, which I drink in the name of the eternal ... On my skin, tattoo and embrasse.

Wire and metal recycled Sculpture Mummy

Upcycling sculpture called "Mummy"

Wire and metal recycled Sculpture Mummy


Upcycling sculpture made of recycled materials: various wires, various cables of different colors, pieces of piping, various pieces of metal.

Length: 10 cm

Width: 25 cm

Height: 22 cm


Shreds and steel.

A desert of red stones eroded from the whip of his breath. A porous bone field.  The mechanical lament of a mummy is muted, as dying as the dried earth.  It collapses, disperses itself to the four winds, in these cities loosened by too much space. Gray, orange, red masses, in a rosary, escape from the stones.


Folivore web

Metal sculpture "folivore"

Folivore web

Recycled sculpture from the assembly of recycled metal metals: iron hangers, pieces of piping, various wires, metal parts of a video recorder and screwdriver, springs, screws, nuts, tongue can, various other metal pieces.

Length: 30 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 19 cm

There was once a world, made of vestiges of past eternities. A slow, heavy, frozen world. From the ground, gorged with corroded memories, limbs rose up, the substance self-fertile. He is the folivore, his gaze softened with astonishment, slow, heavy, deaf.

He is the folivore, and he paces the infinite earth, between small death and dusty awakenings.

Folivore n b 2 web

Wild wire 2 web

Sculpture from recycled materials "Wild Wire"



Wild wire 2 web

Sculpture made of recycled materials, made by assembling various wires, various cables of different colors, springs, a scraper, screws, parts of a video recorder, and various pieces of metal.

Length: 34 cm

Width: 28 cm

Height: 22 cm

Of jaw and claws. He is the mordant of the instant, the obcession of the no, which is brandished to be, perhaps not. Not to be as empty as the ice and the instable of its heat. The fire of the shooting in space without moments. Escape time, taper the canvases of the slow tomorrow. Who does not come, who only cries to the glory of the volatile lovers. The spark and its shadow.

Upcycling sculpture Runner

Upcycling sculpture Runner

Upcycling sculpture Runner

Here is "The Runner", upcycling sculpture realized from the assembly of various wires, various cables of different colors, a screw, the metal part of a lighter, and various pieces of metal, all coming from collections in the street.

Length: 28 cm

Width: 10 cm

Height: 18 cm


There are some who run after a dream and flee from reality. There are some who run after their solitude, in order to forget from where they come. The way, or the destination, seems. Should we always see a meaning in it? The run forward at the approach of the emptiness robs us a little more substance.

The runner treads this planet before the ground crumbles, and in this march or dash without a possible backward view, he is impregnated with the illusion of a world ignoring itself.