Sculpture metal recycling "abomination"

Recycled Metal sculpture Abomination

Here is the Abomination, from the Nightmare serie. It required the assembly of various wires including 5 hangers, wire mesh, nails, screws and other pieces of rusty metal picked up in the street.

Length: 39 cm

Width: 28 cm

Height: 19 cm


It is called a monster. Frightful incompleteness. Yet it is only the vestige of a forgotten time. It is the ferrous skeleton that the wind raises as an instrument. The corroded home of immense sighs. He drags the ghost of his limbs like metal screams. The fortissimo of the blades of air against the steel (inspiration) which breaks (exhalation) in a piece of a day light (inspiration), which fragillise a little more the cord spark of a pianissimo (exhalation).


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