Metal recycled sculpture "Anathema"

Anathema web

Here is Anathema, from the Nightmare series also from the following materials: 4 iron hangers, various wires of various sizes, nails, screws and other pieces of rusty metal.

Length: 33 cm

Width: 19 cm

Height: 18 cm


It is the offering. The oxidized assemblage sacrificed in the name of perishable and disposable It is born from the reprobation of the debris, brandishing to the light that consumes like an accusing finger. If it seeks to rise, it will crumble into crimson dust like the luster of a call that is lost in the ears of deaf gods.


Art upcycling sculpture recovery recycling dark tortured spine

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  • 1. Renate (link) | 16/05/2017
This actually answered my issue, thank you!

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