"Spine Syndrome" recycled Sculpture

Spine syndrome web 1

Here is Spine Syndrome, the first born of the serie "Nightmare". Like most of the other sculptures in this serie, it was made using recycled elements: 4 iron hangers, wire of various diameters, pieces of oxidized steel wire, nails and rusty screws.

Length: 22 cm

Width: 19 cm

Height: 17.5 cm

He was the precursor, the one whose skull came out from earth first. Loaded with the stigmata that make up his essence, he moves his head down. If each step is a trial, the inevitable precedes it. It is the absence of noise and the blind rust that devours the metal snakes that unfold before him. It prints oxidation the path of oblivion. It is the original thorn, the notch syndrome that shows the way.




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