Metal sculpture "folivore"

Folivore web

Recycled sculpture from the assembly of recycled metal metals: iron hangers, pieces of piping, various wires, metal parts of a video recorder and screwdriver, springs, screws, nuts, tongue can, various other metal pieces.

Length: 30 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 19 cm

There was once a world, made of vestiges of past eternities. A slow, heavy, frozen world. From the ground, gorged with corroded memories, limbs rose up, the substance self-fertile. He is the folivore, his gaze softened with astonishment, slow, heavy, deaf.

He is the folivore, and he paces the infinite earth, between small death and dusty awakenings.

Folivore n b 2 web


Art upcycling sculpture recovery recycling dark tortured scrap metal

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