Recycled metal Sculpture "The three wise Abraded"

Les trois ecorches de la sagesse web 2

Here are the "Three Wise Abraded", from the Nightmare series. These three sculptures come from the assembly of iron hangers, various wires, nails, screws and other pieces of rusty metal.

Length: 23 cm

Width: 52 cm

Height: 28 cm


"Do not see Evil, do not hear Evil, do not say Evil"

They are the message that the dying technology has given birth. They are the monumental trace of the refusal. The silent clairvoyance of silence. The whistling of the blind and the deaf.

It was a tripartite totem, of absurdity and studded sleepers, a fossil launched to the ephemeral as a silent cry engraved on the surface of the retina.


I can't see it

"Don't see it"

I can't tell it

"Don't tell it"

I can't hear it

"Don't hear it"


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