Sculpture from recycled Metal "Daemon"


Here is "Demon", from the serie Metallicious.

This upcycling sculpture was realized through the assembly of iron wires, iron hangers, screws and rusty nails, clamp, washers, pieces of pen, tongue can, metal pieces of a printer, springs, small chains and different pieces of metal.

Length: 43 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 20 cm


He is the Demon, the one who crystallizes the desire, the forbidden, the temptation of the rictus that no longer hides. He crawls, from treasures conceded to the covetousness to prison of souls in veins.

He is...

The call of the skeleton and the bottom.

The articulation of thirst and the bottom.

The gesticulation of morals and the bottom.

Metal and bottom.

recycling Art upcycling sculpture spine tortured dark recovery

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