Rusted wire Sculpture "The Nest"

  • By vortex67
  • On 24/11/2017
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Eclosion 2 web


In the "Nightmare" serie, here is the Eclosion, sculpture made of recycled materials: 16 iron hangers, nails and rusty screws, various rusty and burnt iron wires.

Length: 42 cm

Width: 35 cm

Height: 33 cm


She offers us her entrails, to life, to the horde, to the gnawing of stresses.

She offers us her abortive sparks who seek their mother and who cry with unconditional love.


And on earth, birth, a dusty farce, thrown in the eyes of the immortality.


The first cry was a lie. The second, a pain. The next ones are self-devouring hope.


Art upcycling recovery tortured spine rusted

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