Sculpture from recycled materials "Wild Wire"



Wild wire 2 web

Sculpture made of recycled materials, made by assembling various wires, various cables of different colors, springs, a scraper, screws, parts of a video recorder, and various pieces of metal.

Length: 34 cm

Width: 28 cm

Height: 22 cm

Of jaw and claws. He is the mordant of the instant, the obcession of the no, which is brandished to be, perhaps not. Not to be as empty as the ice and the instable of its heat. The fire of the shooting in space without moments. Escape time, taper the canvases of the slow tomorrow. Who does not come, who only cries to the glory of the volatile lovers. The spark and its shadow.

recycling Art upcycling sculpture spine tortured dark recovery atistic wire cables metal scrap

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