Upcycling sculpture Runner

Upcycling sculpture Runner

Here is "The Runner", upcycling sculpture realized from the assembly of various wires, various cables of different colors, a screw, the metal part of a lighter, and various pieces of metal, all coming from collections in the street.

Length: 28 cm

Width: 10 cm

Height: 18 cm


There are some who run after a dream and flee from reality. There are some who run after their solitude, in order to forget from where they come. The way, or the destination, seems. Should we always see a meaning in it? The run forward at the approach of the emptiness robs us a little more substance.

The runner treads this planet before the ground crumbles, and in this march or dash without a possible backward view, he is impregnated with the illusion of a world ignoring itself.


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